kizha (kizha) wrote,

Nothing in particular.

I miss my blog.

Keeping an online journal was alot of fun. It was able to satisfy that deep seated craving for attention without compromising one's privacy too much. After all, for the average non-celebrity, the only people who bother reading your blog are people you are already comfortable with, people you don't mind sharing your honest thoughts with.

Somehow, blogs that were all the rage in secondary school have faded into the background these days. It might be because people just have less time to write, to think, as proper adult working life starts. It might be because with age, the need for social affirmation has faded at least slightly, or it could just be facebook.

I don't get facebook. Have never been really active on it. Even though it is in theory a controlled network, facebook is full of people you don't really want to share that much with. Facebook doesn't allow you to share much about what you think anyway, merely short opinons on newspaper articles or pictures. Not your day - not in the sense of what you felt. i don't believe in excessive posting on facebook. It's creepy to have a few hundred people have access to what you do on a daily basis. Sure, most of them don't care but an image is not formed in a day, it builds up and a facebook profile can paint its own portrait of a person's personality and lifestyle.

I avoid facebook for that reason. It is too burdensome to consider the impact of each post and what your friends,acquaintances, colleagues would think. Too many posts critcising government policy and one becomes anti-establishment. Too many food pictures - a glutton. Too many pictures of yourself - simply vain and attention hungry. The simple one-liners choked with meaning to fit into facebook's small windows come across as fake and silly mostly. I am probably too self-concious but that's me anyway, I love the fact that I can afford to be candid about such these negative traits on my blog. On facebook, I wouldn't post an honest statement, for fear that then world would discover how incredibly self concious I am, not so deep down.
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