kizha (kizha) wrote,

OMG. I love the lady at the convenience store downstairs.

I went down to buy rice and curry sauce today (an hour ago...around ten at night) ...llike the microwavable type. And she probably recognised me from my last two microwaving adventures and tried to help me with the microwaving this time. So anyway, she asked me to get a bowl from the cafeteria and pour the curry inside to microwave it and actually helped do everything including putting it in and turning the knob and stuff. When it was done, she asked me to eat in the cafeteria and when I said I was going back to my room, she actually asked if I had cutlery.

So after eating the curry back in my room.

I went down to return the bowl and thought I'll bring her a plum as a token of appreciation cos I bought a bag the other day. And she actually gave me a packet of tomatos before I even passed her the plums. She said (thats what I think in my limited korean) that its good to eat tomatoes after eating curry or something like that. OMG. Super nice!

haha. damn happy now. I love meeting nice people. And besides, according to arashi no shukudai kun, tomatoes are supposed to remove the effect that chilli has on your tongue. I can feel it working.
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