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haha. got so inspired reading a friend's blog that I think I shall write more about Korea. Hers is really informative though...mine is more like some how I felt in Korea thing. Kinda similar to changmin's diary except I censored all the evil thoughts I ever had out. Mwahaha. But then again, with the amount of stress? more like the need to have something to talk about all the time that comes with being in  a foreign place for me, I have convieniently became a meaner person...maybe it was always there and just became more obvious in the last week or so. On second thought, I have felt meaner in the now what: resignation to the fact that changmin isn't gonna marry me cos I'm mean in addition to being slim and pretty? hahahaha

Anyway, spent loads of time skyping over the past two weeks...I think I murdered everyone with my meanness in general but it was really fun. haha. of course, I think everyone kinda knew that I am not like the kind and good natured type to start with. But anyway, thanks for staying up to was really fun for me at least. hehehe

anyway, back to the korea bit.

Thinking back about the entire country and all, even with the shopping and stuff...I did sense a not very nice bit, I guess it comes everywhere but maybe I took special notice cos its a foreign culture and stuff...

At the airport for instance, I noticed that they take extremely long to process your entry into the country, at the immigration counters, if you had the wrong skin tone or came from the wrong country. It's extremely racist and rather irritating to watch. Like does being dark make you more likely to do something illegal or what...was kinda shocked by the blatent difference that was shown. Like if some caucasian person and some dark skin person stood at different lines, the darker tone one would take three times the time to pass through customs. They checked our bags at the airport too...might have mentioned that. But they didn't check mine eventually.

And at the shops and all, while people are really friendly, the pressure to buy comes quite strongly too. Like they pull you into shops and stuff and when you say no thanks, the faces kinda change for some places.  I guess thats not limited to korea or anything...just a general thing. Of course, bargaining is like an art here, you can bargain like practically everywhere? Being foreign entitles you to do that at least I think.

But then again, most people are quite interested and friendly once they realise you are foreign. Cos with being chinese and all, its not that hard to pass off as a local if I keep my mouth shut. So once I stutter a reply in my awful korean they will ask where am I from and stuff and they are usually quite nice. Its kinda scary once they realise you are foreign and understand a little korean though...had people rattling long sentences at me without understanding a word...the cleaner at the dorm is a case in point, I tried real hard to understand her but no word rang any bell, maybe because her accent differed slightly too? not sure. And looking korean isn't always a plus for the same reason, like I got approached at the subway by some salesman and tried to explain to him that I don't speak korean...actually, its not a plus at all because once you open your mouth to ask for the price, they know straight away that you are not korean anyway. this negative aspect of the country? Anyway, I think there are many other things waiting to be discovered, both good and bad, will write more when I come across them,.
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