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haha. so much for blogging about korea...its been two weeks and I covered only the first two days...

Anyway, shall still go on in chronological much as I remember at least,

Maybe just the key points:

Basically continued walking around the ewha area for the next few days, not much happened really except that we went to the city hall area on one day and looked at the palace there, The palace was really quite similar to the gazillion chinese ones in China, but I stared at it for the longest time anyway trying to imagine people living there. Not sure if it was some replica of what was originally burnt down in 1904 though. Realised that Seoul was thoroughly destroyed in the earlier part of the last century with the japanese occupation, second war, korean war and internal unrest along the process...><

Anyway, went to music bank on friday. We didn't actually think we might get in, going without tickets and all. But met this guy at the subway who turned out to be working there and he took us to the place and helped us loads with the staff and all. So finally, they said we could go in if they have space and in we went. Not much to see except that the entire place was about the size of a school audithorium and the stage was tiny and nothing like what you see on tv. It was kinda hard to imagine dong bang performing somewhere like that...maybe because I always had the impression it was some mega big hall. Anyway, watched random people performed...including moon hee jun, voice of soul and 4minute. The closing act was shinee...juliette and snsd performed just before them. The fans were the more interesting ones really...there was this group of diehard fans of HOT who screamed moon heejun through the entire time he performed. There was maybe five of them...but they really gave their all into screaming. At the snsd perf, it was kinda weird to hear the guys cheering and the guy beside us took out his mega large camera..the professional type, hid in a corner (because you aren't allowed to take pictures) and started photographing stuff. Now you see where all the high quality fancams come from. Shinee was obviously the IT of the event with around half the audience being shinee fans. They looked super cute though...I was super happy after watching them perform.

Went to dongdaemun after that and walked around...nearly died in my heels then. Anyway, I discovered that the place is huge...its simply humongous with levels selling the same things in every shopping centre. The stuff ws pretty fascinating minus the heels problem. But I realised after that that everything is actually cheaper at ewha...haha. I didn't buy anything though...cos I wasn't planning to go back to Singapore then. ^^

Went to everysing after that which was super pretty but also around twice the price of usually karaoke places in korea. They sell dong bang and suju merchandise there too...quite fun singing everything with the real pv for once and perhaps the best part was that if they don;t have the mv for a particular song, they substitute it with a sm artist vid, So there was britney spears with a dong bang video and wrong number to the mirotic video. whee

Anyway, got back at three plus and was locked out of hostel with the one o'clock curfew so we sat at macdonalds till dawn which comes really early in korea. By six, its daylight and looks something like eight o'clock.

haha. So that was the summary from last week.

Moving on to this week.

Didn't do much over the weekend. Was super tired on saturday after the night out and spent sat night skyping after that so sun was pretty much a dead day too. Besides, I think the weather wasn't great so I stayed in my room and ate.

On monday, went to everysing with some of the other girls and stumbled along the yoochun ice cream place accidentally. We took a wrong turn and I thought the orange signboard looked really familiar so I looked it and voila there were hugh yoochun pics on the wall. I was like...fate. Anyway, didn't eat icecream then but repeated the everysing experience. That night, after karaoke, we walked to sm and saw random fangirls standing around outside. Ook backtracking. theres an sm story on friday night too.

We were trying to figure out how to get to everysing. So I Thought it might be better if we go to sm to try our luck and ask the fangirls. There were these three girls there and they told us in english, super detailed directions to get to everysing. So being grateful< i thanked them and asked who they were waiting for...and they refused to say, So I asked where is the sm building because I didn't actually know we were standing right next to it and the answer was :just around the area....

But they did give us super accurate directions to well, the pain of fandom.

Thats about all on the apkujong area for monday.

Went to ilsan on tuesday and visited the pizza shop which took forever to find. But we found it and when we sat down and after our orders came and all..the man himself, the father that is, appeared. He shook everyone's hands and tried to guess where we were from...taiwan...then we told him and he asked if we would like to take pictures. So he brought us to the life-sized junsu board and we took the picture there... that, from what I heard is what all foreign visitors experienced. The man is super friendly and super nice, totally pefect father-in-law...yoochun ah.

Anyway, the pizza was real good and completely different from what they serve here, It's like the perfect excuse to go down there just to eat except you can probably find similar stuff in seoul. So after eating, we took an hour train ride back to seoul cos everyone was too tired to shop around after the long pizza search. Went to apkujong and had icecream at, well, the yoochun icecream place. I didn';t like the icecream that much though...what I bought was slightly too sorbet like for my liking but it wasn't bad or anything, just that I like other places more. The key point is not the icecream of course.

When we were eating, this woman came in and everyone started greeting her. We then realised she was Yoochun's mother. Asked her for a picture but she said she preferred not to we just watched fangirls passed her random gifts for herself and yoochun, It was like a fanclub there, everyone was obviously there because its yoochun's shop. They were all ogling posters or carrying dong bang files and notebooks. Then again, they all greeted the mother...which is an obvious enough sign.

Stayed in on wednesday and was planning to go to gyongbukgoong on thurs, but it rained the whole day so we changed our plans and i accompanied by gyongbukgoong friend and her friend to ilsan again. They were semi-dong bang fans too so the key aim was the pizza place of course. It was around eight plus when we got to ilsan because it is an hour plus away from seoul. And we actually browse around the shopping area for a while this time, one shop actually, on our way to the pizza shop, and the stuff was uber cheap, I did my first clothes shopping in Korea. Apparently, ilsan is cheaper because its non central seoul and the shopping centre was cleaner and tidier too. Shall go back to shop there soon...

Then getting to the pizza, this time we kinda stood and took loads of pictures of posters and all while waiting for our order to come. It was around nine and we were the only people in the shop. We saw his father in the balconey and my friend was like deliberately taking my photos there so he might notice us. Anyway, he came out a short while after the food came and the whole tuesday ritual was repeated except that he recognised me and went...we know each other, In my limited korean...i tried telling him i came before. Anyway, we took pictures after that and I just brought my actually along too. Was wondering whether to take the photo again when he told me to take it again. So I just took another picture which is now in my phone. HAAPPII

The pizza was really good as well and we all went back to seoul happy and fed. The hour plus ride was worth it,. I love ilsan.,,the air, the clothes, the pizza. mwahahaa
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