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Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Subject:Dreading the dinner.
Time:1:31 am.
I went to DND tonight and it was fun. Surprisingly so.

 I didn't expect to have fun. I didn't even want to go. The decision was driven less by anticipation or social pressure than by the fear that the bosses would take the view, though not wrong, that I am anti-social and a complete introvert.

Such social events are always an opportunity for me to congratulate myself and to stock-take on the progress that I have made over the years. I never cease to be amazed at how well I fit into the crowd, or at least appear to fit into the crowd, it's almost at least that awkward, our-of-place teenager never existed.

That said, that teenage girl continues to haunt me deep down. I fear saying the wrong thing, bringing the joke too far, overthink the details of my conversation and interactions. Sure, the process of deliberation and reflection has become shorter over the years. I obsess over social faux pas moments for a couple of hours rather than days now.

I need to work harder. That confidence will be a front no more.
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Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Subject:Nothing in particular.
Time:10:24 pm.
I miss my blog.

Keeping an online journal was alot of fun. It was able to satisfy that deep seated craving for attention without compromising one's privacy too much. After all, for the average non-celebrity, the only people who bother reading your blog are people you are already comfortable with, people you don't mind sharing your honest thoughts with.

Somehow, blogs that were all the rage in secondary school have faded into the background these days. It might be because people just have less time to write, to think, as proper adult working life starts. It might be because with age, the need for social affirmation has faded at least slightly, or it could just be facebook.

I don't get facebook. Have never been really active on it. Even though it is in theory a controlled network, facebook is full of people you don't really want to share that much with. Facebook doesn't allow you to share much about what you think anyway, merely short opinons on newspaper articles or pictures. Not your day - not in the sense of what you felt. i don't believe in excessive posting on facebook. It's creepy to have a few hundred people have access to what you do on a daily basis. Sure, most of them don't care but an image is not formed in a day, it builds up and a facebook profile can paint its own portrait of a person's personality and lifestyle.

I avoid facebook for that reason. It is too burdensome to consider the impact of each post and what your friends,acquaintances, colleagues would think. Too many posts critcising government policy and one becomes anti-establishment. Too many food pictures - a glutton. Too many pictures of yourself - simply vain and attention hungry. The simple one-liners choked with meaning to fit into facebook's small windows come across as fake and silly mostly. I am probably too self-concious but that's me anyway, I love the fact that I can afford to be candid about such these negative traits on my blog. On facebook, I wouldn't post an honest statement, for fear that then world would discover how incredibly self concious I am, not so deep down.
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Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Subject:A quarter century
Time:10:55 pm.
 I turned 25 two days ago.
This blog was started almost ten years ago.

Things don't seem to have changed a lot. We didn't even have touchscreen phones then but I somehow cannot remember life before android. In the same way that I can't seem to remember what it felt like to be a student despite having worked only for two years. A decade ago isn't really that far away if you think hard about it. Not if you hang out with the same people and make almost the same jokes you've been making for the last ten years. The "grown-up issues" are not very dissimilar to the teenage ones. In school, there were those who wanted to be lawyers or doctors, the rest of us just drifted along, into the least boring or most practical courses, into the most practical faculty, into the first job offer. Today, some are doctors, lawyers or teachers, the rest of us just drift from one place to another.

At 15, and even at 20, there mere thought of going to a fixed office everyday was incredibly suffocating. The idea that school holidays would no longer be looked forward to every ten weeks or so was enough reason to want to stay in school for ever. Ironically, all that changed when I first started work. I enjoyed the responsibility that came with work, there was a sense of finally being involved in the real world, finally having productive days and an income to look forward to. It wasn't that hard getting used to the 9 to 6 hours, and slowly, moving on to the 9 to 11 hours. After awhile, weekends felt a little empty during a lull period. There was a sense of fulfillment from being completely absorbed in the week. I didn't enjoy it on a daily basis but it felt like a good way to lead a productive life. Except that still, it was just drifting along. The novelty of work wore off in the first year or so. I thought I was pretty decent at it and I could probably have pursued it as a career but for the lack of real passion. Without real enjoyment, the trade off was then long hours for money and prestige. Money is important, but has diminishing marginal utility and creates very little joy beyond a certain amount.

I left rather indecisively, wavering loads near the end and have never looked back since. I got a job with slightly less money but many hours less and I thought that was the best thing that I could do. Sufficient money at lower stress levels. Except that without the constant pressure to work, I now have a lot of time to think. And to realise that it was still just drifting along. There was a strong push factor in my last job, the high workload near the end forced a decision. There are no strong push or pull factors now. I could drift along until circumstances change or I could do something that I really care for. Except that its so hard to find something to care about. I watched a documentary on the sexual abuse of young children in Cambodia last night. Not because I really care for documentaries but because it was on TV. It was awful. The things that people do to young kids. I wanted to join an NGO when the credits ran. But when I woke up this morning, the moment had passed. It became a knowledge bite and a sympathetic memory that is conveniently filed away.

I am not sure if I lack the courage to step out of my comfort zone.  I try to bury the "drift along-ness" of my existence under a tight schedule of activities. I attend driving lessons, I go to the gym, I go out for dinner with friends. I considered volunteering, but none of the "ready made" activities really appealed to me and it would just be another effort to lighten my conscience. I give to beggars and old people selling tissue because it directly impacts their lives, not flag day students though, and I really don't see how fund raising for a "service learning, school painting, teaching English" trip could be considered a charitable activity since no one really benefits from it. But of course, the truly passionate would then set up their own NGO and devise their own means to contribute.

The drift-along nature of my life is almost purely due to the lack of passion. But three paragraphs from my first line, I feel at least slightly more optimistic. Things have changed from a decade ago. At 15, I was ambitious, hopeful and  uncertain of my own abilities. At 25, I am no longer ambitious but confident of my grasp on my own future. It would not be decided by the next math test or what my friends feel. I have decided I don't care about being a clever, well-liked or rich person. I will be a happy one. My happy future would be decided by me, from within, guided by commitments and responsibilities.  Responsibilities are different from burdens. I care for my parents' approval not because I fear their anger but because their feelings matter to me. That for me, was probably the single most important lesson over the past year.

Perhaps all that looking for something to be passionate about stuff doesn't really matter. Drifting from day to day might not be that bad. I buy breakfast on Saturday mornings and have vacations with the family. That can't be considered time wasted.

To my twenty-five year self - it was a packed two and a half decades. I had a lot of fun.
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Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Time:12:15 am.
Hello! It's been so long since I blogged. I read my own last entry (April last year) and it was a rant.oops.

It's nice to come back on the online world once in a while. I kind of regret not blogging at all over the last year, mainly because writing became more a chore than a pleasure. But its sooo fun to be back! Wheee

So much has changed in the last year, eight months into worklife, I can't imagine how it would be like to go back to school anymore. Work is so much more exciting in its own way. Sure, its mundane from a day to day basis but the knowledge that your fate is now in your own hands and you can do anything is amazing! Literally anything- quit tomorrow and join a talent search contest even if you croak like a frog- take on a choice that is purely yours.

I used to fear that. School was like a nicely set-out path that you merely continued on. I went to school, did my homework, studied enough to pass my exams, went to university and got a nice, safe and sound degree that would set me on that one-most-natural-choice job that would of course lead to the next-one-most-natural-choice-job etc etc. Marriage was well, somewhere along the way and children perhaps too.

Realised that things were slightly different at the end of university though, a place in school is pretty much guaranteed but a job isn't. Besides, there is always the tiny little problem of not having "a natural choice job." You actually need to figure out what you WANT to do. I found that slightly scary. Also, looked like marriage and the kids weren't going to happen too, another story for another time. The idea of having to decide what you want to do with your life was pretty terrifying at first- I mean, what if you go down the wrong path and waste half your life away and spend the other half regretting, what if god-forbid you become ahem, a "failure."

But eight months on, I find the same idea empowering. Might be because I am employed at the moment, but mainly because I learnt that working isn't that scary and somehow you always survive. My idea of what constitutes a "failure" has of course changed drastically as well. I never believed that financial success was the only sort of success but I confess to being a tad lured by the nice sounding title. ie bank managing director sounds better than starving entrepreneur and of course, there was that teensy weensy bit of pride about not being the charity case of the primary school reunion. Now, I still think pretty much the same thing. Except that I think its worth suffering the occasional inferiority-complex moments now if you feel happy the rest of the time. In other words, I don't mind being a "failure" if I am a happy one and since I think a happy "failure" is an oxymoron, you cannot be a failure if you're happy.

Put more simply, I still have these money and pride issues but I don't feel pressured to make decisions on my future that would lead in that direction. I feel happy knowing I have a choice because I will use my choices to make me happier by leading my life my own happy little way.

Hehehe. Long convulated post that's pretty reflective of my own uncertainty, I'm not sure what I'm trying to say myself. I feel older though, much older than a year ago. My friends page looks different too...where is everyone?
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Friday, April 1st, 2011

Time:5:24 pm.
Haven't written anything in a long long time. But every single time I feel the need to rant, it appears that blogging is the best option. I think ranting to a living person means you also have to be submitted to their opinions (life-time) when your brain is not in the best state to take on disagreements, precisely why it's called a rant. And well, when they agree with you, your emotions get more heightened and you feel further agitated.

I hate politics and I think it's stupid how people can obsess so much over it. I also completely fail how to see a strong interest in politics reflects any more intellect than say a strong interest in korean celebrity scandals.

But anyway, I really really really dislike it when people take so little pride in their nationality they are ready to abandon it at the first sign of trouble. There's a thin line between constructive criticism and joining in just because everyone else is doing so. I don't have to agree that I hate the government just because some everyone in some foreign faraway place says I should.

Not so amazingly, I don't dislike them for disagreeing with us. But I dislike people who agree so readily without thinking or perhaps are lacking in the capacity to think....maybe I'm just taking things a tad too seriously, being april fool's day and stuff. But damn it, why are some people (and so many people too) sooo freaking annoyingly dense. Gah.

And why in the world would they expect me to be of the same type as them?

Back to the world of pretty boy and scandals that have absolutely nothing to do with me. I suspect that is where I really belong. XD
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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Time:4:44 pm.
Listening to the webcast for the gem exam next week.

The lecturer is amazing. He spouts random gems of wisdom that I would have dismissed as nonsense coming from someone else, but because he says it with such sincerity and passion and bits of self-deprecating humour, it sounds like stuff you should remember forever.

It's this math lecture and when he talks about the beauty of mathematics, it sounds like the ravings of a mad math professor but in a good way, I love how he has this passion for mathematics and is interested in sharing it in an interesting manner to a practically empty lecture theater (I confess I have never gone for lecture) . I love the fact that he tries to make it sound practical and interesting for us when even the dryest things would have been interesting for me. There was this one thing he said that really struck....some bit about having a fulfilling life,

Obviously I have been thinking way too much about this life plan thing. But he said something about how what you seek in life changes over time and the very thing you are seeking now might be the same thing that you will find yourself trapped in thirty years later when you are middle-aged and possibly in danger of losing your job. He also said how uni taught him nothing, because ultimately what you need is not just knowledge, but to learn the ability to think. I became a fan.

But really, its all about being fulfilled I think...time to think less and move forward?
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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Time:9:33 am.
Oh gosh nine o'clock class and she showed us the saddest ad ever....apparently showing in Singapore for some time but it was the first time I saw it....depressed.

link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw0s4C0g5SM
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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Time:10:00 am.

OMG. Talk about idiots who take things LITERALLY. I bet she contributes to the youtube comments.
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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Time:11:14 pm.
Sherlock Holmes was great even if far-fetched. The best thing that came out of it was the gayness.

I even have a name for it: WHOLESOME. In that order, because Watson is a 女王受
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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Time:1:26 pm.
I finished. The fact is that I've moved out of fandom...I think.

But still, finishing gives me a sense of accomplishment unlike any other.

Then again, maybe that will change if I get down to running a marathon sometime (this year?)

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Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Time:2:04 am.
The fact that exchange is coming to an end in two weeks or so makes me rethink a lot of things.

Talked a little to a friend last night, like for around ten minutes on the train back and she mentioned that she made the fullest she had out of it because she knew she only has this one chance to change to mundane nature of life back home and she wanted to bring this change back with her and not let things fall into the same boring pattern.

She asked me if I regretted anything about the last four months and I think I might have said something along the lines of not really, because I did learn many things and stuff like that.

I wasn't really surprised when she asked me that, maybe because I was already showing some inclination towards brooding the topic when I started the conversation with her, and maybe because it's something I ask myself pretty often these days.

The thing is that, I don't know why I came for exchange. I guess, at that point in time, I just wanted to pursue my interests...dongbangshinki mainly, and to get out of the familiar environment that I somewhat regretted getting into since the start. I always felt that perhaps I might have a more interesting, a more fulfilling school-life somewhere else and in a way, I kind of deep-down felt that I was missing out on an important experience in life by not schooling abroad instead.

That changed loads when I first came to Korea, looking back, I probably didn't really enjoy my first month here. I was with the wrong people and I took on the wrong attitude, I kind of felt that I had loads of time and maybe I just needed to get used to the place, it was like boarding school in a foreign country and describing it to my friends today, I saw that it was kind of empty and lacking in certain things, I used to blame it on the company, on the fact that it wasn't really exciting or interesting, but after a while, after being alone and somewhat independent for half a year or so, I know that if I were given a chance to live that period again, I wouldn't need company, I would simply explore the place alone. And sometimes, your own company is the best.

But things changed tremendously in the last three months. The company changed too. I met people from around the world and people from the same world but in a different place. The whole get-out-of-your-country mindset didn't really worked for me, I tried, but not very hard and kn a way I chose to stick with the familiar people, those I can talk to and joke with easily. Made some good friends from other places as well, chinese people...it's natural I swear, but basically remained close and grew really intimate to the fellow schoolmates. We met for the first time in Korea, most of us, but somehow, everything clicked and I found the greatest travelmates I could ever find. Travelled extensively...? ok, maybe not THAT extensively, but spontaneously, and without real purpose. Was loads of fun, had touching moments, funny moments, boring moments and tired moments. Discovered a side of myself I never really knew existed...it was pretty darn amazing.

And maybe for most of the last two months or so, I lived with the idea of getting closer to people you already know. I went out all the time, usually with the same people and grew closer to people I already know. But two weeks before leaving, I realised that I barely ever talked to half my class and two days ago, I found out that this girl I met at orientation liked the same bands and this other girl on my floor that I previously consider a hi-bye neighbour shared amazingly similar views. Met fantastically interesting people just when I was getting ready to leave and maybe because I wanted to maximise th last few weeks and started being more social, I also started regretting not being more social earlier.

Maybe it doesn't really matter, because people will drift apart when they go back to their own lives. I don't even know if I can continue being in contact with those from the same university, much less those from a different one. I'm not a hardworking or consistent person and I drift away and apart more easily than most people. I never really feel the distance...I just forget sometimes and in general, I'm plain bad at keeping in touch...so maybe it didn't matter that I didn't talk to them earlier or made good friends around, because we'll just lose touch eventually.

But it did make me realise that if you take the initiative and make the first move, most people are willing to talk. I realised that when I felt someone was being clique-ish, they probably felt the same way and sometimes all it really takes is a single brave stab at conversation to discover a gaziilion things in common or a common frequency and wavelength. So while I guess I did feel a small stab of regret when I met those lovely people, I also felt that I learnt something that I can bring back home with me. Maybe it doesn't really matter whether you are in a foreign place and meeting foreign people or not. The thing is that, in university at least, and in most aspects of life really, you meet new people everyday and the fact is that it is absolutely no harm to start a random conversation without reason. If you like it, you continue, if not, you move on.

Unlike my friend, I came here not knowing what I really wanted...except maybe to watch a dongbang concert. But at the same time, being here and being out so often rather than cooped up with the computer right after school daily has given me greater perspective. I used to not study because I surf and watch too many videos, now it's because I come back real late half the time. And while staying home used to be a most common thing, I basically get bored after half a day these days and feel a strong desire to get out and talk to someone.

Turning into an extrovert or social creature?

I don't know...will this continue back home?


Never really had a clear direction in life, or rather, I always had a vague idea of success that changed over time. When I was younger, I wanted to be useful, I wanted to be a scientist, in secondary school, I wanted to be an academic, a scholar of political science. After that, there was dongbang, and things changed, sometimes I think I took business because I felt it provides the greatest chance of meeting them. In university, dongbang took up a huge part, along with bl, I used to think it was healthy, because I had a passion for something and maybe because the two took up such a huge portion of my life, I never needed to really think about anything else. But even being a fangirl had always conflicted with my identity and future goals. Part of me thinks that studies are not really important and I should do what I seek in life. The other part swears that I'll regret it because what I want in life is somewhat not the most financially well-off option.

In a way, I always concentrated on maintaining a reasonable, decent but not high standard in school, and put off thinking about the future. But the fact is that I graduate in two years and I turn twenty one in a few months. Being twenty one means alot, it means that you have to make a transition into the adult world soon. I worked before, but always viewing myself as a teenager than a responsible adult. Korea changed many things, it took away my fandom and replaced it with a social life. Or maybe I lost interest in fandom long ago and as just sustaining it to maintain some semblance of passion. Korea also made me realised that I am no longer young. Twenty is plenty and if I want a direction in life, it's time to find it.

Haha, madly long post. More like a rant actually, but really, have been doing loads of thinking these days. Used to miss the old me and my old life alot, but these days I have come to anticipate the future even if I prefer that time stands still.
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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Time:9:59 pm.
OMG. I love the lady at the convenience store downstairs.

I went down to buy rice and curry sauce today (an hour ago...around ten at night) ...llike the microwavable type. And she probably recognised me from my last two microwaving adventures and tried to help me with the microwaving this time. So anyway, she asked me to get a bowl from the cafeteria and pour the curry inside to microwave it and actually helped do everything including putting it in and turning the knob and stuff. When it was done, she asked me to eat in the cafeteria and when I said I was going back to my room, she actually asked if I had cutlery.

So after eating the curry back in my room.

I went down to return the bowl and thought I'll bring her a plum as a token of appreciation cos I bought a bag the other day. And she actually gave me a packet of tomatos before I even passed her the plums. She said (thats what I think in my limited korean) that its good to eat tomatoes after eating curry or something like that. OMG. Super nice!

haha. damn happy now. I love meeting nice people. And besides, according to arashi no shukudai kun, tomatoes are supposed to remove the effect that chilli has on your tongue. I can feel it working.
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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Time:9:18 pm.
haha. got so inspired reading a friend's blog that I think I shall write more about Korea. Hers is really informative though...mine is more like some how I felt in Korea thing. Kinda similar to changmin's diary except I censored all the evil thoughts I ever had out. Mwahaha. But then again, with the amount of stress? more like the need to have something to talk about all the time that comes with being in  a foreign place for me, I have convieniently became a meaner person...maybe it was always there and just became more obvious in the last week or so. On second thought, I have felt meaner in the past....hahaa....so now what: resignation to the fact that changmin isn't gonna marry me cos I'm mean in addition to being slim and pretty? hahahaha

Anyway, spent loads of time skyping over the past two weeks...I think I murdered everyone with my meanness in general but it was really fun. haha. of course, I think everyone kinda knew that I am not like the kind and good natured type to start with. But anyway, thanks for staying up to talk...it was really fun for me at least. hehehe

anyway, back to the korea bit.

Thinking back about the entire country and all, even with the shopping and stuff...I did sense a not very nice bit, I guess it comes everywhere but maybe I took special notice cos its a foreign culture and stuff...

At the airport for instance, I noticed that they take extremely long to process your entry into the country, at the immigration counters, if you had the wrong skin tone or came from the wrong country. It's extremely racist and rather irritating to watch. Like does being dark make you more likely to do something illegal or what...was kinda shocked by the blatent difference that was shown. Like if some caucasian person and some dark skin person stood at different lines, the darker tone one would take three times the time to pass through customs. They checked our bags at the airport too...might have mentioned that. But they didn't check mine eventually.

And at the shops and all, while people are really friendly, the pressure to buy comes quite strongly too. Like they pull you into shops and stuff and when you say no thanks, the faces kinda change for some places.  I guess thats not limited to korea or anything...just a general thing. Of course, bargaining is like an art here, you can bargain like practically everywhere? Being foreign entitles you to do that at least I think.

But then again, most people are quite interested and friendly once they realise you are foreign. Cos with being chinese and all, its not that hard to pass off as a local if I keep my mouth shut. So once I stutter a reply in my awful korean they will ask where am I from and stuff and they are usually quite nice. Its kinda scary once they realise you are foreign and understand a little korean though...had people rattling long sentences at me without understanding a word...the cleaner at the dorm is a case in point, I tried real hard to understand her but no word rang any bell, maybe because her accent differed slightly too? not sure. And looking korean isn't always a plus for the same reason, like I got approached at the subway by some salesman and tried to explain to him that I don't speak korean...actually, its not a plus at all because once you open your mouth to ask for the price, they know straight away that you are not korean anyway.

haha...is this negative aspect of the country? Anyway, I think there are many other things waiting to be discovered, both good and bad, will write more when I come across them,.
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Monday, July 13th, 2009

Time:11:23 pm.
haha. so much for blogging about korea...its been two weeks and I covered only the first two days...

Anyway, shall still go on in chronological order...as much as I remember at least,

Maybe just the key points:

Basically continued walking around the ewha area for the next few days, not much happened really except that we went to the city hall area on one day and looked at the palace there, The palace was really quite similar to the gazillion chinese ones in China, but I stared at it for the longest time anyway trying to imagine people living there. Not sure if it was some replica of what was originally burnt down in 1904 though. Realised that Seoul was thoroughly destroyed in the earlier part of the last century with the japanese occupation, second war, korean war and internal unrest along the process...><

Anyway, went to music bank on friday. We didn't actually think we might get in, going without tickets and all. But met this guy at the subway who turned out to be working there and he took us to the place and helped us loads with the staff and all. So finally, they said we could go in if they have space and in we went. Not much to see except that the entire place was about the size of a school audithorium and the stage was tiny and nothing like what you see on tv. It was kinda hard to imagine dong bang performing somewhere like that...maybe because I always had the impression it was some mega big hall. Anyway, watched random people performed...including moon hee jun, voice of soul and 4minute. The closing act was shinee...juliette and snsd performed just before them. The fans were the more interesting ones really...there was this group of diehard fans of HOT who screamed moon heejun through the entire time he performed. There was maybe five of them...but they really gave their all into screaming. At the snsd perf, it was kinda weird to hear the guys cheering and the guy beside us took out his mega large camera..the professional type, hid in a corner (because you aren't allowed to take pictures) and started photographing stuff. Now you see where all the high quality fancams come from. Shinee was obviously the IT of the event with around half the audience being shinee fans. They looked super cute though...I was super happy after watching them perform.

Went to dongdaemun after that and walked around...nearly died in my heels then. Anyway, I discovered that the place is huge...its simply humongous with levels selling the same things in every shopping centre. The stuff ws pretty fascinating minus the heels problem. But I realised after that that everything is actually cheaper at ewha...haha. I didn't buy anything though...cos I wasn't planning to go back to Singapore then. ^^

Went to everysing after that which was super pretty but also around twice the price of usually karaoke places in korea. They sell dong bang and suju merchandise there too...quite fun singing everything with the real pv for once and perhaps the best part was that if they don;t have the mv for a particular song, they substitute it with a sm artist vid, So there was britney spears with a dong bang video and wrong number to the mirotic video. whee

Anyway, got back at three plus and was locked out of hostel with the one o'clock curfew so we sat at macdonalds till dawn which comes really early in korea. By six, its daylight and looks something like eight o'clock.

haha. So that was the summary from last week.

Moving on to this week.

Didn't do much over the weekend. Was super tired on saturday after the night out and spent sat night skyping after that so sun was pretty much a dead day too. Besides, I think the weather wasn't great so I stayed in my room and ate.

On monday, went to everysing with some of the other girls and stumbled along the yoochun ice cream place accidentally. We took a wrong turn and I thought the orange signboard looked really familiar so I looked it and voila there were hugh yoochun pics on the wall. I was like...fate. Anyway, didn't eat icecream then but repeated the everysing experience. That night, after karaoke, we walked to sm and saw random fangirls standing around outside. Ook backtracking. theres an sm story on friday night too.

We were trying to figure out how to get to everysing. So I Thought it might be better if we go to sm to try our luck and ask the fangirls. There were these three girls there and they told us in english, super detailed directions to get to everysing. So being grateful< i thanked them and asked who they were waiting for...and they refused to say, So I asked where is the sm building because I didn't actually know we were standing right next to it and the answer was :just around the area....

But they did give us super accurate directions to everysing...so well, the pain of fandom.

Thats about all on the apkujong area for monday.

Went to ilsan on tuesday and visited the pizza shop which took forever to find. But we found it and when we sat down and after our orders came and all..the man himself, the father that is, appeared. He shook everyone's hands and tried to guess where we were from...taiwan...then we told him and he asked if we would like to take pictures. So he brought us to the life-sized junsu board and we took the picture there... that, from what I heard is what all foreign visitors experienced. The man is super friendly and super nice, totally pefect father-in-law...yoochun ah.

Anyway, the pizza was real good and completely different from what they serve here, It's like the perfect excuse to go down there just to eat except you can probably find similar stuff in seoul. So after eating, we took an hour train ride back to seoul cos everyone was too tired to shop around after the long pizza search. Went to apkujong and had icecream at, well, the yoochun icecream place. I didn';t like the icecream that much though...what I bought was slightly too sorbet like for my liking but it wasn't bad or anything, just that I like other places more. The key point is not the icecream of course.

When we were eating, this woman came in and everyone started greeting her. We then realised she was Yoochun's mother. Asked her for a picture but she said she preferred not to though...so we just watched fangirls passed her random gifts for herself and yoochun, It was like a fanclub there, everyone was obviously there because its yoochun's shop. They were all ogling posters or carrying dong bang files and notebooks. Then again, they all greeted the mother...which is an obvious enough sign.

Stayed in on wednesday and was planning to go to gyongbukgoong on thurs, but it rained the whole day so we changed our plans and i accompanied by gyongbukgoong friend and her friend to ilsan again. They were semi-dong bang fans too so the key aim was the pizza place of course. It was around eight plus when we got to ilsan because it is an hour plus away from seoul. And we actually browse around the shopping area for a while this time, one shop actually, on our way to the pizza shop, and the stuff was uber cheap, I did my first clothes shopping in Korea. Apparently, ilsan is cheaper because its non central seoul and the shopping centre was cleaner and tidier too. Shall go back to shop there soon...

Then getting to the pizza, this time we kinda stood and took loads of pictures of posters and all while waiting for our order to come. It was around nine and we were the only people in the shop. We saw his father in the balconey and my friend was like deliberately taking my photos there so he might notice us. Anyway, he came out a short while after the food came and the whole tuesday ritual was repeated except that he recognised me and went...we know each other, In my limited korean...i tried telling him i came before. Anyway, we took pictures after that and I just brought my camera...phone actually along too. Was wondering whether to take the photo again when he told me to take it again. So I just took another picture which is now in my phone. HAAPPII

The pizza was really good as well and we all went back to seoul happy and fed. The hour plus ride was worth it,. I love ilsan.,,the air, the clothes, the pizza. mwahahaa
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Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Time:10:09 am.
haha. I figured I should blog about Korea since I'm going to be here for the next six months and writing about it gives me a record of what I actually did and bought....of course, what inspired it was probably what happened right at the end...yesterday as a matter of fact, that will only come at the end of the entry because i have a festish for chronological order...it is a record.

Anyway, got here last Saturday at around seven in the morning and there was this held-up at the airport cos they wanted to check our bags and stuff but they ended up not checking mine which was lucky since I kept food...pork floss too, swine flu? haha....in it and I heard bakkwa got confiscated before. Took a cab to check i to the uni dorm after that, the dormitory was atop a large hill...I didn't actually think taxis could go up such hills, it felt steeper than the one in the driving test centre to me. Put down stuff and all and that was went I met my roommate who was sleeping and looked really awkward so I kind of ran out and came back in again to unpack like half and hour later. Went to yongsan after that to get my phone for 30000 won which was decent. It has a dictionary and says I am hungry in this uber cute voice in korean when the battery is about to run out. XD Anyway, also tried Korean food here at this dinghy basement place and it was good and pretty decently priced...like 5000won...it was a dinghy basement. There is a story when it comes to buying the phone. I was just asking how much each one cost when I decided I shall just tell him to recommend the 30000 ones. Then the next two phones I picked up became 30000....coincidence? I'm not sure...but anyway, pleased with my phone. haha. Went to this supermarket...emart, which is supposedly owned by shiwon...as in the suju guy, and the stuff there was all sold in bulk. I got shampoo for around ten bucks...and found that if you buy three bottles, its only five bucks more which make each bottle around five dollars. but no...nothing is going make me carry three industrial size bottles of shampoo around. I made the stupid mistake with sanitary pads though...I think I might have about eighty pieces now...

On the second day, monday,  we had this placement test which was basically just to gauge our abilities and stuff since everyone;'s gonna be in the same class. I thought it was decent cos the vocab was ok and half the grammar while never taught before is just stuff you see around and somehow pick up. Met my buddy after that and it was this really nice girl. She asked me what korean singers i liked and i told her...she was like...I like changmin, so I guess we clicked. After that was lessons and yah...school started. >< Went to the ewha uni area after school with a friend and had congee for lunch...its like chinese food^^. Only they serve kimchi as a side. It was super super nice and full of clams/mussel looking stuff cos I ordered seafood congee. XDD Then I did my hair at this salon place that was super cheap, she rebonded it for like 45000won and it was almost shoulder length...maybe slightly less. She also trimmed it without an extra charge...that never happens in Singapore...you pay like a 100plus to rebond and twenty more? for the cut....lovely lady except she spoke no english...but I actually found out that rebonding in Korea is known as magic straight...so I just went magic straight.

Tha hair cut place was completely amazing. It took only three hours to rebond and when we were waiting, they actually have internet access on computers...they place the heating things near it so you can surf while your hair is being heated...then they had this really cool beanbag with cardboard on one side thing that lets you read magazines on your lap, like it sort of props them up. Met more friends at night and they didn't want Korean food so we ate at this italian place, I bought seafood risotto for 7800won and the others got similar valued stuff...there were four of us. They served us bread before the food came and biscuits with homemade icecream after our meal. Then I went to pay, and they gave us a cookie each. like omg...the amazing amount of freebies for 8 bucks plus...like seriously, I went to the faceshop on sun to buy two items and the bag came with four things...they give away free samples and cotton pads.

haha. That was only two days in Korea.

Its kind of long, will continue later...and eventually get to the point which was yesterday...anyway, as a brief lead...I went to music bank yesterday.

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Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Time:7:26 pm.
OMG. I got the tickets...and then somehow IE blocked my pop-up and the page disappeared along with the tickets. EEEIKSS
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Time:12:46 am.
I saw all the signs...I just tried to ignore them.

But anyway...the era of jaesu has arrived.
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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Time:7:07 pm.
Omg I just witnessed the wonder of the korean ticketing system.

I clicked on the purchase button. This loading window came out. I thought it hanged, closed it and refreshed the page. Voila the tickets, all 3000 plus of them were gone.

like wow. I don't even feel sad..just amazed.
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Friday, May 29th, 2009

Time:9:50 am.
I will study hard next next sem.

and on a edited note: 

And this fool I know just posted her grades in her msn list...she got a list of 'A' s of course, why else would you do something so silly...but still, it wasn't brilliant enough for like especial mention and doing silly things like that merely draw irk...to think I used to wonder why people dislike her....
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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Time:11:35 pm.
Dying. I need to fangirl...does fangirling on lj denote my sad lack of a social life or what...bwahahaha (Three?) was gone when I came on once more...><. Gah...Fujiki Naohito! He is so freaking hot and they are so cute together...I love the whole, I even love the stupid ending...it was freaking cute. Happi! Please watch hotaru no hikari if you haven't...omg, I love his mean comments even, even if he is like almost twice my age....ahaha
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